Soothing and fragrant, these terracotta potted eucalyptus plants, in Baby Blue or Silver Drop are one of our favourite things that our farm grows. Gently running your hand along the light green stems fills your hands with the relaxing, cooling scent.


Started from seed in early 2021, these eucalyptus plants can be kept indoors in a sunny spot, or outdoors. You can also plant them in your garden where they will continue to grow until last frost. These plants are not hardy in our area and will most likely not overwinter, so should be treated as an annual in your garden. 


Please note that they are on sale as some leaves have minor nibble spots from the invasion of gypsy moth caterpillars (none remain on the plants though).


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  • Potted plant care for eucalyptus: It is best to let the soil dry out between waterings, but then bottom and top water when soil is dry. Fertilize with a low nitrogen, low phosphorus, high potassium plant food every few weeks.

    Do not ingest this eucalyptus, it is intended for decorative use only.

    For those with a known allergy to essential oils, touching the eucalyptus stems may also cause mild skin irritation, especially if prone to sensitive skin or in children and infants.

    Please also note, that some report that house cats like to eat eucalyptus, which is not recommended. If you have cats, please find a spot for the plant where they cannot get at it.