Lily of the Valley

Convallaria majalis


Known for it’s delicate heavenly scent and being one of the most expensive cut flowers, Lily of the Valley or Muguet, is a demure and valuable bloom. We harvest our Lily of the Valley when the flowers first start to turn white, we then condition them, and place 5 precious stems in a 4” apothecary bottle.


Flower language: Symbol of good luck and happiness.


Notable uses: Lily of the Valley is the birth flower for those born in May. It was the main flower in Kate Middleton’s wedding bouquet, and each stem was delicately wired into position.


Care instructions: Keep stems in fresh water that is changed daily and out of direct sunlight. Heat will shorten the vase life of these blooms.


CAUTION: Like many lovely flowers, Lily of the Valley is highly toxic –  do not ingest.

Lily of the Valley

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