Small glass vase of luxury italian ranunculus and anemone blooms are paired together with seasonal greenery for a fresh romantic arrangement from our farm. Arrangements are packed in a white delivery box for easy transport. 


Please note that the arrangement pictured here has spirea, which has just past its peak and is no longer in season. Other greenery and florals that are in season will be substituted instead. 

Petite Flower Farm Arrangement

  • Our flowers are cut fresh from the field and then conditioned before they come to you so you get the longest vase life possible. Here are some tips to enjoy your flowers for longer:


    Fresh water and trimming the stems every other day will help keep bacteria from building up and inhibiting water uptake. Clean water = happy flowers. 


    Keep away from windows and vents. Cut flowers do not like hot drying conditions, so although they look gorgeous next to the natural sunlight filtering in through the window (I confess, I keep my blooms next to the window) -- they will last longer if they are kept in a cooler, shadier spot, like a coffee table in the livingroom. 


    Please also note, that as we do not spray our flowers and they are grown outdoors, they do occasionally come with insects, like an aphid hiding out in a sweet pea petal or a ladybird beetle (which was probably looking for aphids). We do our best to remove all insects and signs of insect damage before sending flowers out the door to you, but we don't always get them all.

  • We offer next day local delivery (Midland, Penentanguishene, Tay and Tiny Township) for $5 or free on-farm pick-up at an arranged time.