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A trio of versatile budvases with a classic holiday colour palette of red, green, and gold. 


Budvases can be grouped together with candles (use caution as floral materials are flammable) and linens for a no-fuss centrepiece that easily moves around dishes, or can be spread out in different rooms for a little bit of decorating throughout the home.


The trio can also be added to our larger centrepieces such as Golden Holiday Classic, The Good Silver, or Copperwood for a layered holiday table. 


Florals include both fresh and dried ingredients, with juniper, pine, green pinecones, eucalyptus, strawberry red gomphrena, golden rye, and bunnytail grass.


This arrangement will last throughout the holiday season as long as the water is changed weekly to keep the greens fresher longer.

Christmas Bud Vase Collection

PriceFrom C$15.00